Jenaed Goncalves Brodell : Registered Dietitian, MedSci, Paediatric dietitian, Sports Dietitian-Nutritionist, SENR, PT

Jenaed Gonçalves Brodell is a well know Registered Dietitian (HCPC) and Certified Sport Scientist.

She has experience in the Paediatric and adult field specialising in sports performance for junior and adult athletes. As an ex semi professional sports person, she is relatable in the sports field and knows the power of nutrition and optimal performance.

Jenaed has worked with athletes and the general population throughout the world and has an extremely successful track record.


  • Bachelor In Sports Science
  • Medical Science (Hons) in Nutrition and Dietetics

Jenaed Specialities 

  1. Youth and adult Sports performance
  2. Weight management
  3. Paediatric (children’s) nutrition including allergies, growth faltering, picky eating and weaning , Selective eating
  4. Non communicable diseases : Hypertension and cholesterol
  5. Plant based diets
  6. GUT health : IBS and Low FODMAP
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