Working with our Physical Performance Coach will help you develop the best training programme for you.  Through a process of screening and understanding your training history Gavin will build an effective programme for you, enabling you to train with intent and become the best version of yourself. Having a programme is one thing but ensuring exercise selection is appropriate and you are executing exercises safely and correctly is key to your development athletically.  Through coaching you can be comfortable you are doing the right exercises at the right time in your journey to optimal performance.


BUILD training that works FOR YOU

What is it?

A TRAINING SYSTEM. Guidance for people on HOW to train effectively. Including sport coach integration.

A SERVICE aimed at putting the pieces together for people towards their performance goals.

COACHING for movement skills, strength, power, speed, agility, and conditioning. Gym and Pitch/Court/Track based.

Fluid CONTACT time with a Physical Performance Coach.

Physical Performance led with Physio support.

Access to STATSports for live analysis in session.

Establish YOUR FOUNDATION, BUILD into YOUR PROGRAMME, leave with the TOOLS to manage your training.


  • Athletic Ability Assessment (AAA) and overall evaluation of your situation.
  • Information gathering – including questionnaire to consider if initial Physio assessment is necessary.
  • X7 Coaching sessions.
  • X1 Physical Performance Review (with RE:PLAY team).

Through the coaching process the goal is to be competent in training smart and learning how to manage yourself. An emphasis on education around training